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Estate Planning Seminars











Our law firm is sponsoring free seminars to discuss, at length, the law changes and to educate you about steps you may be able to take to protect yourself and your family.

Some of the very important issues that we will review are:

• Will you lose all your assets when you go into a nursing home?

• Will your assets be lost because of your children’s divorces, lawsuits, high taxes, or poor financial decisions?

• Which would be worse for your family – your death or disability?

• Are your important legal documents old and out of date?​

• And much more!

Seminar Dates: 

Monday, March 23: Williamson County Enrichment Center 10 AM

Wednesday, March 25: Williamson County Enrichment Center 10 AM

Thursday, March 26: Brentwood Library 10 AM

Monday, March 30: Williamson County Enrichment Center 10 AM

Tuesday, March 31: Brentwood Library 10 AM or 2 PM



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